In vigna

The most important part of winemaking happens in the vineyard. La Villana takes great care to respect not only the grapevines but also the rest of the biodiversity surrounding the vines. We only use a fraction of the permited doses of copper and sulphur in organic vineyard management and supplement with various biodynamic preparations and practices. During the winter months, our sheep graze under the vines and help to fertilize the soils. We do not consider ourselves purely "organic" or 'biodynamic" but rather aim to nurture nature, respect our environment, and listen to the natural rhythms of the earth, sun, moon, and stars.

Our old vineyards are small parcels rescued from retired villani in Gradoli. Most are planted with Greghetto (sangiovese) and Procanico (trebbiano) and other local varietals including Malvasia, Moscato, Ciliegiolo, and Montepulciano. 

Our new vineyards will be planted within the next two to three years using the "mass selection" method: grafting american rootstock with hand-picked buds from the healthiest autochthonous vines in Gradoli. 

In Cantina

The wines by La Villana are the result of very simple, but clear, objectives in the winery: no manipulation, no interference, no additives. The wines are complete, pure expressions of the grapes, vinified in tanks that do not impart any thermal energy or influence the natural fermentation process. There is no interference to speed up or slow down the fermentation of the natural yeasts and there are absolutely zero additives. The result is a series of wines that purely express the local grapes, the local soil, the local terroir. 

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